The ideal man

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L’uomo ideale


Opening the 10th season of the Teatro Golden, Tuesday 24 September at 21, It will be the new play written by Toni Fornari, Andrea Maia and Vincennzo Sinopoli "The ideal man" directed by Toni Fornari.

On stage we will be moving a trio of fantastic players, beloved by the public who have the name of Simone Montedoro, Toni Fornari and Claudia Campagnola and interpret Damiano respectively, Lollo and Giada.

Jade and Lollo are business partners and live together in a beautiful home office. They have a fashion company and their brands are very well known in Italy but can not spread abroad. The peculiarity of their coexistence is that the two are not engaged but live together as friends because Jade is desperate for the ideal man research and Lollo is gay. One day put an ad to rent a room in their large home and thus be able to screen candidates in hopes of finding the ideal man to Jade. Among the many presents Damiano: bello, charming, cortese, funny, in short, just the ideal man. But to fall for him is not just Jade but also unexpectedly Lollo. It thus sets off a competition between the two that will lead to surprising results. Fun, emotions, and twists in a comedy that deals with the theme of man's solitude today.

Simone Montedoro- theater actor, cinema and television is known to the general public for the role of Captain Tomassi of license plate fiction Rai Uno "Don Matteo", in February 2019 led "Pre Sanremo Festival". A lot of his performances for television and cinema. In 2019 It will once again be the last season of "Don Matteo" and the new drama, again for Rai Uno "Angela" with Vanessa Incontrada.

Toni Fornari - actor, author and reegista theater and film. It is part of the comic trio- The voice Favete with Stephen and Emily Springer Verlag. In film he wrote, Augusto Fornari, Andrea Maia and Vincenzo Sinopoli comedies "The family home" and "As long as the judge do us part" of which he is also the director and Andrea Maia. Innummerevoli his roles and his royal theater.

Claudia Campagnola- E 'was directed by various directors like Massimo Venturiello, Nicola Pistoia, Michele La Ginestra, Stefano Messina, Augusto and Toni Fornari, Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Norma Martelli, Gigi Proietti, Francesco Zarzana. He played roles in dramas such as A mother detective, This is my land, I Cesaroni

It 'was the star of the short film to directed Eggplant Chocolate G. Zito won the Audience Impact Award 2004, The Angels.

Participates in June 2012 the international exhibition "Migraction 5" at the Theater de Paris oppresses ,and fescennine verses Prix Gold thirteenth edition with the monologue The City of S.Resta Plastic and F:Reserved, directed by Norma Martelli.

It 'was among the protagonists of the documentary film written and directed by Francis Zarzana "Among the waves in the sky", film projected at the 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Also in competition for David di Donatello awards.






Toni Fornari, Andrea Maia, Vincenzo Sinopoli


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