Nature in all senses

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Show Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome - Nature in all senses


From 22 February to 14 July 2019 At the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

An exhibition between literature and science, art and environment to tell the poetry of nature through the discovery of signs and colors.


clean yes Art workshop in collaboration with the publishing house Topipittori, the exhibition-laboratory

It reveals an initiative of great importance on the quality and picture books and reading. Dedicated mainly to children, The exhibition design is combined in a balanced way with the publishing project Topipittori, that is, with the idea of ​​book and art dedicated to children in which environment and landscape, art, literature and science are part of the same training program that is in the children's curiosity and intelligence a decisive push for a better future.


Because the theme of nature

About 85% of living organisms on earth is made from plants, trees and all that we identify with the natural green. It 'easy to understand how nature envelop his life and the fate of us all. To know her and be aware of what part of our being becomes the determining factor in our growth and in our training as active people. Observe plants, trees, landscapes and gardens offering endless stimuli to study and interpret the world around us, as they always have and artists do with authenticity and attention. You may be fascinated by the power and grandeur, you may be affected by the fragility of a flower asking care and responsibility or from the strong character of lush forests. What is still required is the exercise of the look that becomes dialogue with our surroundings and ourselves.


The exhibition

The origin are the books of the publishing house Topipittori, in which the aesthetic quality of the artists is fundamental. To know in depth the work of Pia Valentinis, Marianna Merisi, Joy Marchegiani, Sara Maragotto e Caterina Gabelli (Studio Fludd), Christel Martinod e Picture of Anna, was chosen to put next to the books also sketches tables, spray, notebooks that show the great work of research on the sources, the color and the sign that is behind each picture. The very interesting aspect is given by the different modes of fruition of nature present in every section of the exhibition, along with an operational part that involves the visitor get involved in sniffing, touching and listening, in a true multi-sensory experience. As the appearance workshop where direct experience is combined with the encounter with the work, in a suggestive dialogue and stimulating for knowledge.


To underline the great message of inclusion and mediation shown by the design of the body, in efforts to cancel any physical barrier, language and culture to facilitate meetings between people from different backgrounds and abilities. In fact all the books have been translated into Braille, and craftsmen of Mamalbero They have been made to achieve the tactile wooden boards. By partnering with Uovonero editions, All texts are written in WLS symbols to increase your chances of reading to people with communication difficulties, thanks to the multiple code, verbal and iconographic. Also connected to the exhibition there are special events for children and adults that provide intercultural courses, readings and tactile L.I.S., meetings with artists and workshops.


Below is the calendar of events:


Visit to exhibition and workshop

A path to enjoy nature with your whole body.

• childhood and primary school Tuesday-Friday hours 10.00 e 11.30

€ Activities 80,00 per class group – reservations required (tel. 848.08.24.08)

families • Children / e 3-6 years with parents

Sunday (excluding holidays) ore 11.00 >13.00

€ Activities 8,00 for baby – reservations recommended (tel. 06 39967500)

Sunday 7 April • hours 11.00 >13.00

Francesca Pirrone. leaves

Touch Workshop with the illustrator Francesca Pirrone for children 5 and up

€ Activities 8,00 for baby – reservations recommended (tel. 06 39967500)

Sunday 9 June hours 11.00 -13.00

Marianna Merisi. Vagabonde

Workshop with the illustrator and botanical Marianna Merisi for children 5 and up

€ Activities 8,00 for baby – booking advised tel. (06 39967500)

For everyone

Wednesday 10 April, 8 May and 5 June hours 17.00

The art contact. Visit dedicated tactile blind people and sighted together

Free Activities. For info and reservations

Meeting at the Forum, zero floor of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, at 17.00

Tuesday 26 March, 9 April, 7 May at 17.00

ParkinArte. Visit open with non-profit association ParkinZone

A multi-sensory and interactive tour that respects the ways and the times of the participants, and a creative laboratory in which to test techniques, tools and materials.

Free admission on reservation (

Thursday 30 May at 10.00-13.30

Round vista.Tavola Points accessibility to art and reading

The meeting will be dedicated to the experience and special projects designed and tested around the exhibition Nature in all senses in dialogue with the proposals of other nations.

Free admission on reservation (

Saturday 8 June hours 10.00-13.00

theoretical and practical Meeting with the botanical illustrator and Marianna Merisi

A workshop for teachers, operators and curious to plunge into the world of plants

vagabond, between science and illustration.
€ 30 meeting – (€ 24 for subscribers) on reservation (tel. 06 39967500)


Info, Timetables

Nature in all senses

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194

From 22 February to 14 July 2019

Free admission

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00 at 20.00

Friday and Saturday from 10.00 at 22.30
Monday closed

Tel.: 06 39967500