mortal Immortals. The treasures of ancient China Sichuan

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Treasures of Sichuan on display in Rome


From 26 March to 18 October 2019, i Trajan's MarketMuseo dei Fori Imperiali hosting an exhibition dedicated to the culture of the people Shu, until a few years ago completely unknown and not even mentioned in historical sources.

clean yes Wang Fang, archaeologist and deputy director Museo di Jinsha, It includes more than 130 works covering a very wide margin of time, from the Bronze Age dynasty They have, circa 200 d.C..


An extraordinary discovery

In the mid-eighties, the fortuitous discovery of thousands of objects in gold, bronze, jade and ceramics revealed the existence of a civilization in ancient China formed independently. The extraordinary discovery nullified all previous thesis of a unified Chinese civilization has as cradles the Yellow River.

Not surprisingly, the exposure wire conductor is symbolically represented by Yangtsze, the River Light blue, track gold on installation inspired by a Chinese dragon which occupies the space of the Great Hall, receiving visitors. As the great civilizations arose on the banks of the rivers also the birth and development of the Shu people was marked by the flow of the river that characterizes the region in southwest China.

All works, found in the numerous archaeological sites in the region, Trai which the most important ones Sanxingdui e Jinsha, come from relevant Chinese institutions as the Museo di Sanxingdui, the Museum of the Archaeological Site of Jinsha, the Sichuan Museum, the Museo di Chengdu, l’Research Institute of relics and archeology Chengdu, the Museo di Mianyang, the Qiang Ethnic Museum of Mao County; to emphasize the extraordinary nature of the event and the great care spending that realization.


The exhibition

The exhibition is divided into two sections: the first is dedicated to Religious Culture of the state of Shu, It draws attention to the spiritual world with the rites dedicated to the worship of the Sun, the second is mainly engaged in Daily life of the people Shu, through the reconstruction of the commercial networks in 'area of ​​Sichuan.

The many varieties of everyday objects, along with fine lacquered wooden containers with the exquisite workmanship of the bronze ritual vessels, demonstrate the high quality achieved by the artisan production, in particular during the Han Dynasty, and also help to understand the attitude of the people Shu concerning the issues of life and death. A peaceful vision, optimistic and romantic outlining unique cultural characteristics.

It is literally surrounded by statues, enigmatic bronze masks, terracotta figurines and the elegant beauty of the decorative elements gold and jade works, living prodigious immersion experience discovering the distinctive features and the genesis of culture Shu. The Mianyang Horse and the Sole di Jinsha They are two outstanding examples of that charm can cause this people, in addition to the amazing Great Sacred Tree, the largest bronze discovered throughout China, with its almost 4 meters high rises almost to contemplate all the other finds.

The works, priceless also offers digital reconstructions, with photos and videos, and useful interactive tools, for the knowledge of the various tempering processes that led to the definition of the development of this civilization.

A surprising exhibition that effectively will introduce a new ancient world, giving many insights on current topics, thanks to the spectacular effects, enhanced by the monumental context of Trajan's Market, that accompany the visitor on a fascinating journey.


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mortal Immortals. The treasures of ancient China Sichuan

From 26 March to 18 October 2019, Trajan's MarketMuseo dei Fori Imperiali Via IV Novembre, 94

TIMETABLES: Every day h 9.30-19.30, The ticket office closes one hour earlier
tickets: Adults € 16, Reduced € 14, Residents Full € 14, Reduced € 12

Free admission to the museum with the MIC card

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