Summer in Rome children: places and events 2018 for the little ones

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Estate romana dei bambini


The livability of a city is also measured by the spaces that offers its citizens and its guests younger. Similarly, Also the quality of hospitality can be assessed by the care and attention paid to the needs of children and families. L’Al Manthia Hotel He wants to embody and express the best love for the tradition and the spirit of welcome in Rome. And as an extensive wine list, it is our pleasure to present you a list of possibilities, chosen with care for children of our guests and for the whole family. Places and events that preserve the natural charm and the genuine taste of childhood.

There are corners of the city where you can spend precious moments with their children, inside cardboard castles and stars in papier-mâché. A world of imagination populated by puppets, Stuffed animals, stages and masks. in the parks, in theaters, in the most green corners of Rome, reserved for the greenest of age.

Villa Borghese: Bioparc, the playroom and the smallest cinemas in the world

The Villa Borghese Park is one of the most famous green areas and beloved by Romans citizens and tourists from around the world. A huge garden full of beautiful scenery: 80 hectares of green, striatum of tree-lined avenues and embellished by a navigable pond aboard graceful rowboats. A treasure chest brimming with culture, which houses the eponymous museum and its famous Galleria, as well as the charming Globe Theater, faithful replica of the original Victorian, where every summer come to life the works of the English bard.

  • But this great green heart, also he knows how to beat for the little ones. Within the park is the fact Casina di Raffaello, beautiful sixteenth-century building used as a playroom and for children between 3 e i 14 years. The little house, It equipped with a library specialized for children, It offers a full calendar of events: workshops, animated readings, editorial reviews, and much more. Among the weekly appointments this summer do not miss the crafts, music learning, civic and ecological education. A place of stories and creativity where children learn to get carried away by the imagination and to actively exercise, having fun, reading, listening, creating, playing. A small oasis protected where recapture his childhood spaces and the joy of discovery.
  • Charming and unique in the world: the Cinema dei Piccoli. The building, built in 1934 and restored in 1991, It has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the smallest hotel in the world used as a movie theater. Also situated in the heart of Villa Borghese, hosts daily film screenings for young viewers. Despite the size (circa 60 seats), The room is equipped with 4K digital projector, air conditioning and snacks; the structure also has a direct access for disabled. in conclusion: the proverbial small packages ... which encloses the good film.
  • Before leaving Villa Borghese last stop worth a visit: the Bioparco. 200 animal species for a total of about 1000 specimens: dall'anaconda lion, all'armadillo by camel, Kangaroo from the parrot cockatoo. This zoo promotes and pursues the preservation of species extinction and send works to raise public awareness for international conservation campaigns. The exceptional botanical biodiversity also delivers spectacular blooms in every season. A small paradise, perfect for an instructive walk and adventurous.

Autumn Appointments: my first theater

If your stay in Rome were to continue until late summer, the green of the sunny parks plus additional attractive possibilities. Autumn is the season that marks the beginning of the theatrical season, for adults as for children.

  • Again the Villa Borghese Park is at the forefront, with the San Carlino – Puppet Theater Pulcinella. The puppets bring on stage the play in its most innocent size, having fun and commuovendo, between music, laughs, dances and its protagonists: puppets and puppets.
  • On the Janiculum comes alive instead Green theater, that mixes the performances on stage playing and sharing moments, before and after each show: a world of moods and colors that will not turn off the going down of the curtain.
  • Finally, by report Theater Masks, near Trastevere. A vocation education reality that surpasses mere entertainment. On stage performances chosen and designed to instill in young viewers a superior linguistic sensibility; a willingness to listen; the ability to recognize and embrace moral values ​​in a narrated history as well as in life off the stage.

So the Capitoline childrens summer flows in an exciting autumn. And yet over, a new seasonal cycle, rich in Roman beauties.