The Mantegna Room. Masterpieces from the Museum Jacquemart - André Paris

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Stanza del Mantegna in mostra a Roma
Andrea Mantegna (Island Carturo 1431 - Mantova 1506), Behold the man, 1500 that, tempera on canvas mounted on table 54,7 x 43,5 cm – Paris, Musee Jacquemart – André - Institut de France © Studio Photographers Sebert


From 27 September 2018 al 27 January 2019 at the National Gallery of Ancient Art at the site of Palazzo Barberini.

clean yes Michele Di Monte, The exhibition brings together a limited number of works, but of considerable interest, on the one hand for the history of art with works by Renaissance the Padua area with two masterpieces by Mantegna, the other for references to 'collecting activities of the late nineteenth century.


The room

The exhibition is the result of an exchange with the Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris, which it takes its name from the two great art collectors Edouard André and his wife Nélie Jacquemart. Galeotta was art, Edouard gave the 'execution of a portrait of the painter Nélie and set off the spark that led them to share the passion of love and the' love for artistic works, then leaving a legacy to their prestigious collection to the French State. The will of the curator of the exhibition was to rebuild , small, the exhibition space in their house museum, hence the name, just The Mantegna Room.

Ecce Homo and the other works

Behold the man of Mantegna It is certainly the most interesting and engaging work at the same time.

The excellent state of conservation allows the observation of the minimum detail, Jesus showed the people after the scourging with obvious signs of whipping and subdued and mournful gaze back to a dramatic and definitive realism. The halo that shines ethereal highlights the howl written by the people who wants his crucifixion and the contrast with the figures beside determining image statuary.

another work The Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome and Louis of Toulouse, also recognized as the work of Mantegna dated 1455 which testifies to his close contacts with Giovanni Bellini.

They accompany and complement the show the same pattern again and reinterpreted by Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano in the smaller table of Madonna and Child, the rarity of tempera on parchment Portrait of a Man of Giorgio Schiavone I grew up in the workshop of Francesco Squarcione, the Mantegna school design Hercules and Antaeus and the bronze sculpture Andrea Briosco say the Hedgehog where inspiration to the ancient art forms is stressed. Examples of rare and high artistic expression that clearly photographing a historical phase of art collecting.

The rare chance to admire the works of Mantegna It is reinforced by the presence of another valuable exposure always present within Palazzo Barberini until the 27 January 2019, entitled American Gothic. The masters of Madonna Straus. The exhibition presents two of the three hundred Italian paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The Madonna and Child of the Senese Master of the Straus Madonna e The Madonna and Child of the Master of the Straus Madonna. The works are called by 'businessman Percy Selden Straus who with his wife Edith Abraham created a rich private collection mainly consists of works by Italian artists of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

The first painting is attributed to a Sienese painter active in the mid-fourteenth century, that until now it had never been exhibited in Europe, Apparently influenced by the work of Simone Martini.

The second is instead attributed to an anonymous Florentine artist, Active in the early fifteenth century and closer to the tradition of Tuscan Gothic painting. Both works are in optimum storage conditions which makes it even more interesting than the combination with the Madonna di Palazzo Venezia, third present work to the exhibition, which in times past had been compared to the mysterious master of the Straus Madonna Senese.


The two exhibitions can be visited with a single ticket that allows you to also visit the Galleria Corsini. The ticket is valid from the time of stamping for 10 days.

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