The disappearance of Majorana

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The disappearance of Majorana


police survey, a thriller clockwork, a daydream. It is "The disappearance of Majorana", in Italy at the Teatro Palladium on Thursday 21 see you on Sunday 24 March, based on the eponymous novel by Leonardo Sciascia he staged the thirtieth anniversary of his death. Led by director Fabrizio Catalano - nephew of the great writer of Racalmuto - take the stage Loredana Cannata, Alessio Caruso, Roberto Negri and Giovanna Rossi to retrace the story of the alleged death in 1938 the promising young physicist Ettore Majorana Sicilian.

Party boat from Palermo but apparently never arrived in Naples, the scientist, inward looking and focused on studies that did not speak with anyone, Had he guessed before anyone else the way for the creation of a devastating nuclear weapon. He was left aghast, and he had wanted to withdraw from the world before it worsens into the abyss of the atomic age. This, at least, It is the argument of Sciascia bottom, that Majorana and his inner drama has dedicated one of his most illuminating books.

Little at a time, emerge the torments of a genius who could have changed the destiny of mankind, and instead he preferred to be a shy guy, not at all competitive, or in search of glory. Often isolated, with very few friends. Some of these, in Germany in '45 he has just lost the war. This has fueled, in the decades, the detestable hypothesis that Majorana had Nazi sympathies. He had - his letters on the subject are quite clear - as he had not Heisenberg, that Majorana had been mentor and guide in the environment of the University of Leipzig, where he discussed how physical philosophy and where Hector was really at ease.

One August night in 1945, an Italian town that is never defined, retaliation by the partisans, chaos. A study, in a provincial hospital; a woman who, after he killed by partisan, He returned to wear the white coat: to medicate, to heal. A man, wrapped in a tunic cobbler, who refuses to reveal his identity. A commissioner of public safety who thinks he recognizes, the stretches of monaco, those of Ettore Majorana, which gave vain chase for so long. Laura Fermi, the wife of the illustrious Nobel Prize, call to identify the young scientist who disappeared into thin air.

These four characters, all night long, besides the dawn, until the tragic dissolution of the enigma, They will create a kind of process: where the intruder will turn to be accused in accuser, to be prosecuted in the voice of conscience.

"In a season like the one we are experiencing, characterized by the disintegration of moral values, exaltation of ego, anxiety of profit and from the drift of science, it is necessary to recall figures such as Ettore Majorana. And the sense of the story of Majorana is that there is no future for humanity without ethics, no sincerity, without poetry.

The theater needs to diversify its offer and turn the debate, stimulate questions and reflections, suggest ideas and new points of view. It must immerse themselves in the reality: A true story like that of Majorana - the poignant torment of an individual who wants to save the planet from the catastrophe - is both a succession of emotions and a warning for the future. Each of us can make a small gesture, to protect mankind from self-destruction. Each of us has the right and the obligation to do so ". Fabrizio Catalano