Who Knows

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Who Knows Roma Mostra


The world of fairy tales is an ancient world that in addition to any child at bedtime (or vice versa keep them awake and frightened all night) conceals many meanings and many signifiers. A great example of interpretation of myths and folk legends have it as Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her “Women Who Run with Wolves” analyzing famous female archetypes in support of his insight of Wild Woman .

“Who Knows” born from’ idea to put a face to some of these archetypes involving 14 Tattoo artists interpreting the world , their choice, of one of the fairy tales reported by Estes in his essay.

The result is a psychological journey, culture and geography through the powerful force, instinctive, wilderness, creative and passionate that resides in every woman.

Marta Gabriela


“Be the old rocking chair that rocks the idea until he comes back young again.

Be patient and courageous woman Bear the crescent moon learn to see through the illusion.

Do not become distracted to light matches and fantasies like the Little Match Girl.

Resist up to find those which you belong as the ugly duckling.

Purify the creative river so that the Llorona can find what belongs.

As the girl without hands allow us to lead from the heart to safety in the forest.

As the Loba collect the precious bones of lost values ​​and sing them back to life. Forgive me if you can, forget a little and created a lot”.


Morg Armenia

Violeta Pilar Drink

It Buffa

Elisa Carisi

Red Rabble

Cecilia De Laurentiis Tattooer

Marta Messina

Erika fog

Deborah Necci

Claudia Ottaviani

Daphne Lakshmi

Anita Rossi

Sara Evergreen

Gaia Zeta

Curated by Marta Gabrieli, from 22-6 al 14-7-2019

Opening Saturday 22 June pm 18:00 at the library

Uroboro , Via Ascoli Piceno, 21 – Roma (Metro C Pigneto, Tram 5, 14, 19, Bus 105,50)


Source: https://www.oggiroma.it/eventi/mostre/la-que-sabe/47608/