The mechanical monsters. From Carlo Rambaldi to Makinarium

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The mechanical monsters


From 22 October 2019 al 6 January 2020 al Palazzo delle Esposizioni an exhibition celebrating the creativity and imagination of Carlo Rambaldi, the man who revolutionized the role of the special effects in film, making them real protagonists of the films, and making them enter the collective.

The exhibition

The story is about Rambaldi (1925-2012) and his career path, starting from his youth which he is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he lives his artistic training. He sculpts, paints and begins to make his first experiments on the puppets. Particularly interesting are the documents that testify present this activity towards the end of the '40s, where experiments with stop motion animation that you see in the film many years later.

And it can get lost in over one hundred works and original materials, of which many unreleased, from all private archive kept by the foundation of the Rambaldi family. The imaginative and fantastic route enters the history of Italian cinema from the '60s until the mid 70s, with the works and documentation of his many collaborations, gives Fellini a Pasolini a Ferreri, in the horror film, In those years a specialty of Italian cinema, with Dario Argento in "Deep red", in "The Odyssey", until the Pinocchio of Comencini present at the exhibition.

Since the mid-70s will be moving to Hollywood and at this stage it is dedicated to the next section, the gem of the three Oscar won for movies E.T., Alien e King Kong. You can admire the ingenuity and craftsmanship creativity, that has always been the great tradition of the masters of Italian cinema.

They strike 18 Leather warriors, present in the film of Roger Vadim “Barbarella”, made with a manual capacity today unapproachable and unthinkable.

See the mechanical structure dell'extraterrestre most beloved, as it was animated the monstrous Alien or giant hand, quasi 6 meters, King Kong, It allows you to enter into and fully understand the great design flair that becomes art. It is no coincidence that the "creatures" of Rambaldi They have become a reference generally recognized ideal.


The last section is dedicated to special effects today with the presence of various achievements made for the movies Garrone "The story of stories", created the group Makinarium, with which they were rewarded with the David di Donatello, and for the occasion he also restored some machines Rambaldi, showing how the mechanical solutions adopted in the past are very similar to their, underlining the genius and modernity of the master.


The exhibition, promoted by Roma Capitale - Department of Cultural Growth and all 'Company special Palaexpo, organized by the same Palaexpo with Cultural Foundation Carlo Rambaldi It is curated by Claudio Libero Pisano.


Exposure is associated with a review of 25 film that Rambaldi worked to be held from 29 October December 8th at the Palais des Expositions always to h 21 with free admission in the Via Milano 9A Steps. Also there will be a series of workshops for families and schools to discover what lies behind the invention and the creation of characters and fantastic places in film, very interesting. Details readings of a work through the initiative Spot! 20 minute work with the curator Carlo Libero Pisano and Creative Director Makinarium Paul Cruciano which also provides the translation LIS.

For a calendar of events please refer to the website


An exhibition not to be missed, to understand how the imagination combined with great creative skill can create characters and exciting stories, becoming a part of our collective imagination.


Info,Timetable and prices

The mechanical monsters. From Carlo Rambaldi to Makinarium

From 22 October 2019 al 6 January 2020, Palazzo delle Esposizioni Via Nazionale 194

Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday h 10 – 20, Friday and Saturday h 10 – 22.30
Monday closed, The entrance is allowed until one hour before closing

Ticket: Adults € 12,50, roductS € 10, from Tuesday to Thursday from h 18 Reduced closing € 6

Info: 06 696271, Email