Jan Fabre The Rythm of the Brain

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Jan Fabre The Rythm of the Brain


Dall’ 11 October 2019 al 9 February 2020 at Palace Merulana the exhibition of one of the most discussed and listed artists of our time.

The Foundation Elena and Claudio Cerasi with CoopCulture, in collaboration with Warehouse Gallery and with the help of Flanders State of the Art, continues with its proposals for significant cultural and artistic significance particularly. Also the care of the exhibition entrusted to Achille Bonito Oliva and the Melanie Rossi adds further guarantee of quality.

Jan Fabre

A multifaceted artist and visionary, considered as one of the most innovative figures of contemporary art, It boasts numerous productions in its nearly forty-year career. Fabre It is able to create an atmosphere more intense and very personal. The wonder, the ability to provoke reactions, the ability to dazzle the eye and mind stimulating emotions and empathy are the sum of his art defined by characters, symbols, laws and its own rules.

The playwright, visual artist and sculptor converge in languages ​​and knowledge as the only way to put the questions to what we perceive as life. For this reason, we define a “consilience artist”, inspired by the meaning of the term "consilience " given by biologist, philosopher ed entomologist Edward O. Wilson, which it defines it as the combination and the convergence of facts and ideas between disciplines, to find links and seek new interpretations. About this topic Jan Fabre states: I do it for forty years, my playwriting influences my visual arts, my sculptures and installations influence me for my theatrical staging, movements and insect strategy inspire my work choreographic. All my life I have consistently embraced the idea of ​​research and experiment ".

First living artist to present, in 2008, a retrospective exhibition at Louvre of Paris, remember, among many more and of great artistic interest personal, the latest; that the very particular 2016 Florence displaced between Forte Belvedere, Palazzo Vecchio e Piazza della Signoria, entitled “Spiritual Guards”, and the exhibition “Glass and Bone” of the 2017, collateral event of the 57th Venice Biennale.

The exhibition

over 30 works on display, many of which for the first time in Italy, between sculptures in bronze and wax, drawings and video performance. The exhibition is spread over two distinct areas. There directly introduce and almost alienating the two symbolic sculptures in bronze present at, “To Wear One’s Brain On One’s Head” (2018) e "The can opener" (2017), we discover to have the task to accompany us along the exhibition to discover the imaginative thinking and artistic Fabre.


The first chapter is all focused on the dialogue between the artist's works and selected works from the museum's permanent collection. The excellent talk by the curators who have seen in the works of De Chirico, Capogrossi e Donghi, of Cambellotti e Casorati synchronic connections with the works of Fabre, stimulates and downright invites to discover a thread that links artists from different eras in the approach to the theme of imagination and creation of artistic thought.


The second section of the exhibition deals with the issue of the brain and, connected, the relationship between art and science. important and decisive theme in the artistic production of Fabre. Practically the second section is an artistic and scientific research together already started many years ago, in 2007, with the exposure of Venezia “Anthropology of a Planet”, followed by other, among the most recent recall "Piety", of the 2011 always the Venezia, e "My nation, l’imagination” of the 2018 proposed by Fondation Maeght. The works have never been exhibited in Italy effectively make homage to visionary artist of passion, conflicts, always original imaginative thrusts. The film performances “Do we feel with our brain and our heart?”, here I'm, a collaboration with neuroscienzato Giacomo Rizzolatti, promoter of an articulated research on mirror neurons, It is probably the best example of explanation of the artistic reflections Jan Fabre and his great interest in the search for Rizzolatti which as he says: "... can give impetus to a new, rich and contemporary interpretation of empathy, Imitation and compassion such constructions elaborated by the mind ..... To celebrate and honor the sexiest part of the body, the brain, means giving priority to an open and critical mind. "


Surely a tantalizing exhibition that can surprise and excite original reflections in one of the most interesting new exhibition spaces of the capital.


Info,Timetable and prices

Jan Fabre The Rythm of the Brain

Dall’ 11 October 2019 al 9 February 2020, Palace Merulana Merulana 121

Schedule: From Wednesday to Monday h 10-20. Last entrance h 19. Tuesday closed

Ticket: Adults € 10, Reduced € 8

Info: +39 06 39967800, mail: info@palazzomerulana.it