I am mine: Serena Rossi sings and tells Mia Martini

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Part next 16 February, prayer, New Riverside meetings cycle that will feature the biggest names in Italian show. Inaugurates this new festival, the actress and singer Serena Rossi, who will be interviewed by a journalist of "Il Messaggero" Andrea Scarpa, was among the founders of Vanity Fair Italy.

Serena Rossi Mia Martini

The Neapolitan artist, that the third night of the Sanremo Festival has interpreted the song "You Are The Universe" dell'intramontabile Mia Martini, in arte “Mimi”, the 12 February was the star of the TV movie "I Am My", broadcast by RAI 1.

The Rossi has thus recounted his journey to discover the great Calabrian singer: "Riccardo Donna - the director of the film, uscito in oltre 200 the cinema halls 14, 15 e 16 January - and my friend Alessio Boni have advised me not to imitate the artist but to find his soul. I watched billion videos and biographies with the help of those who knew her well. I worked with two coaches, one of which is the same as Tale and which show. I gave it my all, Also framed to really sing shoulders (…) Finite performances had the grooves of the nails in the palms because clenched my fists until it hurt ".

I am Mia has also had the approval (not granted) Loredana Berte, sister of Martini, who has publicly praised the actress for her work. Words that have moved Serena Rossi said he was touched and "dissolved into tears" for the kind words and the embrace of Loredana Berte.

Serena Rossi at the Riverside

A unique evening that the 16 February to Riverside, why not just tell the journalist Andrea Rossi Serena Scarpa her journey of discovery, and then the interpretation of the great Mia Martini, but the film will sing songs accompanied by a band of professionals made up for the occasion.

Source: http://www.romatoday.it/eventi/io-sono-mia-serena-rossi-al-riverside-16-febbraio-2019.html