The classic style is pop. The excavations, copies and other messes

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the classic pop you

Since Friday 14 December 2018 see you on Sunday 7 April 2019 at two in the National Roman Museum, Crypta Balbi e Palazzo Massimo.

The exhibition sponsored by National Roman Museum with the organization of Electa It was conceived by Mirella Serlorenzi who has taken care of along with Blackbeard Marcello e Antonio Pinelli.

More of a temporary exhibition, It represents a real scientific project that is born from the discovery, occurred in 2010 in Monti, atelier of

Giovanni Trevisan said Volpato.

Born in Bassano del Grappa in 1735 It is formed as an engraver in Venice. In 1771 he moved to Rome where in addition to the activity of engraver performs the excavation for the recovery of the works of art can sell. Friend of Canova and of Angelica Kaufmann He lives the explosion of the phenomenon of Grand Tour.

Roma, then, was the milestone for the European élite in search of works of ancient art or replicas thereof to embellish their collection. Volpato understands that could create quality objects inspired mission that could be of interest to this vast audience. In the wake of ceramic factories already in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and in Capodimonte, in 1785 It creates its own factory in Monti, then the heart of the city's activities.

Its novelty lies in the realization of objects using biscuit, a material that looked like marble to make the production very close to the originals. His fortune was tied to the reconstitution of the group Muse, the original of which had been found in the Villa called Cassius, who managed to sell at Gustavo III of Sweden. The news gave him great fame. Since not everyone could have the economic capacity of a sovereign began to play Muse statues and other notes buiscuit small and easily transportable. Virtually he invented what we now call Souvenir.

The Classic you pop

The show expertly researched has the advantage of being usable by the general public thanks to the arrangement pop curated by young architects. The use, indeed, lights and video graphics makes it interesting and challenging adaptation of a classic theme in a modern context. The connection between archeology and art history is made understandable by the testimony of 'atelier of the Volpato, as the invitation to reflection, stressed so light and thin from exhibition, the so-called souvenir which has sought in the past object can become a cheap item sold to the tourists of today. It introduces the topic of seriality work of art in the twentieth century faced by pop art, and erases the thought convinced of the uniqueness of classical art masterpiece.

A Palazzo Massimo, which contains one of the most complete ancient art festivals in the world, The exhibition carries the theme of the great artistic copies began from the ancient world. Discover through magical apparitions l 'sleeping hermaphrodite, from an original of the II Century, it is to sleeping Nymph of Canova of the 1820-1822. Meanwhile, the walls are full of images of paintings as Venus of Canova to get to the room with the five statues from different eras inspired Thrower of Myron lost, then remove and let the big box of mirrors with the statues of the two Tyrannicides surrounded by multicolored images in video graphics.

In Crypta Balbi, the other home of the Roman National Museum founded by the great urban archaeological excavation that chronicles the transformation of the city from Roman times to the present day, The exhibition deals with the factory Giovanni Volpato precisely because sort from an urban excavation. We find complete documentation of the excavation and twelve thousand pieces found, he sees the imposing Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne, a centerpiece formed originally by ninety-eight pieces, one of the most prestigious examples of the production of Volpato.


Info Timetable and prices

The classic style is pop. The excavations, copies and other messes

From 14 Dicenbre 2018 al 7 April 2019

Palazzo Massimo Largo di Villa Peretti, 2

Via Balbi Crypt of Dark Shops, 31

Schedule: from 9 at 19.45 - Closed on Monday

The ticket office closes at 18.45

Adults € 13 - Reduced € 8

Adults € 15 - Reduced € 9 (Valid 3 days, allows entry to all the National Roman Museum - Crypta Balbi, Palazzo Altemps, Baths of Diocletian - and the current exhibition)

Reductions according to current legislation