Gabriele Basilico. Metropolis.

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Gabriele Basilico
Gabriele Basilico View of the Ponte Sant'Angelo and the Vatican, 2010 Printing with silver salts of barium paper 50 x 61 cm © Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini


From 25 January to 13 April 2020 al Palazzo delle Esposizioni the exhibition, curated by Giovanna and Filippo Maggia Calvenzi, It is dedicated to one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century Italian, considered one of the masters of contemporary photography of internationally. The title "Metropolis" specifically outlines the main focus of his research and surveys revealing the realities and transformations of urban areas around the world.

The exhibition

over 250 works presented in different formats that collect the identification work of the entire artistic career Gabriele Basilico. From the seventies until the early years of this decade, 2010 precisely, you can take a real trip around the world are seeing a debate and a dialogue between Milano, Roma, Beirut, Boston, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, New York, just to mention some cities, where they show the different ways of understanding urban and architectural space and its changes.

There are five sections that articulate the exhibition:

  • The first section entitled “Milano. of factories Portraits 1978-1980 ", It illustrates the first research that has aroused particular interest. It was presented, indeed, in 1983 al Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan. Basil began his photographic career in the late sixties working on social issues, after graduating in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, we dedicate more continuously arriving to produce her first major work.
  • It continues with the interesting and fascinating survey "Beautiful country" with the "Sections of the Italian countryside", a job 1996 divided into six routes whose sensitive eye Basil It reveals the very soul of the places represented. Made in collaboration with Stefano Boeri It was presented to Biennale of Architecture in Venice.
  • The third section entitled “Beirut” is an engaging tale of a city overwhelmed first by war and then engaged in the reborn. They represented two photographic campaigns; the first carried out in 1991 in a poignant and exciting black and white, the second of 2011 with colors full of prospects.
  • The fourth section is an amazing journey through time and around the world where you feel the deep pulse of several cities investigated.
  • The last section is simply “Roma”. A project that Basil He had in mind for a long time and on which he had worked with many interruptions, then in 2010 the Cini Foundation in Venice, at a commemorative exhibition on Piranesi, commissionò a Gabriele Basilico a series of shots that riproponessero the views of the Venetian artist recordings. The comparison resulting from the Rome of the eighteenth century and the present course produces the wonder of the mutations and the time spent, together, But, the surprise to grasp the talent of the original looks.

A compendium of the exhibition the interesting biography that illustrated with images and texts tells the artistic path Basil, as well as three videos that develop further some of the exposed sections.


Gabriele Basilico

Seven years Gabriele Basilico he passed away, was precisely 13 February 2013 in its Milan who had seen his birth on 12 August the 1944. His copious artistic legacy is a work of great historical and social value in terms of urban territories and their transformations. Almost like he was obsessed by city, and as he himself stated: "... he has always held for me a great charm, unlimited, by greed ", it was methodical explorer, provided it a fresh look of its transformations. He has published over one hundred solo books in addition to having participated in numerous national and international public patronage projects. He has received many official awards and his photographs, finest examples of artistic production, They are part of prestigious national and international public and private collections, reflecting the strong general consideration of his work.

Through the photographic instrument has managed each time to penetrate the deep fabric of the city, and transported by the passion for the architecture and for the future of the relationship between man and space reveals the character and nature. Thus it defines what is his story through images: "... try to reveal the essence, be prepared to hear the voices, decipher the hidden messages, tune in to places, search for, by comparison with other places, those similarities that make us regain a sense of belonging and familiarity that allows us to address the loss in front of the new, the unknown ... and then Beirut brings us back to Palermo and maybe a little 'in Naples, a certain part of Rome is located in Paris and perhaps in Madrid ... ".

Info, Timetable and prices

Gabriele Basilico. Metropolis.

From 25 January to 13 April 2020 al Palazzo delle Esposizioni Via Nazionale 194

Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday h 10-20, Friday and Saturday h10-22.30, Monday closed

Ticket: Adults € 12.50, Reduced € 10
From Tuesday to Friday, ticket from h 18 until closing € 6.00
Children aged 7 to 18 years € 6, Free admission for children up to 6 years
Open Ticket € 16,00

Info: Tel. +39 06 39967500