Festival - Riot Creative. Artists with the fire inside

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Festival - Riot Creative. Artists with the fire inside

Schuster Park 2019, The second edition of the festival plastic free of Rome, 8 to 17 July continues bringing the shadow of the Basilica of St. Paul two days of comics and animation with Creative Riot (8-9 July), in pencil company as Zuzu, LRNZ, di Sepia, Laura Scarpa, Mazzetti, Dr. Pira, it's still, in the sign of irony, commitment and music, eclectic programming: Pippo Sowlo (11 July), Lillo and Trolls (12 July), Swing Valley Band (14 July), Pathological Theater (15 July) and Franco Micalizzi & The Big Bubbling Band (17 July).

Riot Creative - The artists with the fire inside is minifestival of illustration and comics at the Festival Schuster Park in the evenings, and 8 9 July. Meetings and talk with the young creatives of the Roman schools IED, SRF, IAC from the CSC. There will be special guests: Lorenza of Sepio, Zuzu, LRNZ, Laura Scarpa, Sarah Mazzetti and Dr. Pira. Live and lots of creativity Design ending both evenings with a DJ set up to 02:00. By Fabbio Conduebbi.

After two days of Riot Creative, Schuster Park on July 11, continue with the irony and the game with Pippo Sowlo. Actually pseudonym of two boys, Philip and Charles, originating in Torre Gaia district of Rome, Pippo Sowlo's flagship name of the Roman trap independent scene. Following the concert, The evening will continue with a DJ set by Push Pop! Generation.

More laughter and music at the Schuster Park 12 July with Lillo and Trolls: a concert led dall'istrionico Lillo Petrolo that traces the great Hit Rock energized by the choreography of Cristina Thought, alternating with original songs and comedy entertainment. A "musical variety" that aims to mix three primary elements: music, dance and comedy. A tribute to rock music managed in an ironic.

The 14 July, space at the Valley Swing Band with the second of three Sundays dedicated to the swing world where the festival goes back in time and is colored the atmosphere of the '30s.

In the Schuster Park 17 July arrives in concert with Maestro Franco Micalizzi Big Bubbling Band to offer the public the charming and nostalgic alchemy of some of the numerous soundtracks composed by him and that Quentin Tarantino Clucher have marked the history of music in film.

A unique show in which the memory of the past is accompanied by a continued desire for renewal and adaptation to a present in constant motion. Franco Micalizzi, recently won the "Premio Apoxiomeno 2017 Categoria Musica”, si è distinto nella sua cinquantennale carriera per l’eclettismo, la poliedricitá e l’innovazione, affermandosi come indiscusso punto di riferimento nel suo ambito artistico.

Il riconoscimento internazionale più rilevante al Maestro è rappresentato dalla collaborazione con Quentin Tarantino, che ha utilizzato i temi di Micalizzi per “Django Unchained” e “Grindhouse ~ A prova di morte”.


8-9/07/2019 Tumulto Creativo

11/07/2019 Pippo Sowlo + Push Pop! Generation

12/07/2019 ingresso gratuito – Lillo e i Vagabondi

13/07/2019 free admission - Comemammamhafatto

14/07/2019 free admission - Valley Swing Band

15/07/2019 Dario D'Ambrosi Theater disease (charity day)

17/07/2019 ingresso gratuito – Franco Micalizzi & The Big Bubbling Band

19/07/2019 free admission - Emilio Stella

20/07/2019 free admission - Beer Brodaz + Borghetta Style

25/07/2019 free admission - Cor Poison

01/08/2019 free admission - Rino Gaetano Band

08/08/2019 free admission - Bamboo + Push Pop! Generation

04/08/2019 free admission - Med Free Orkestra

11/08/2019 free admission - Michael Ascolese: the player Faber


Comics and illustration with


Minifestival of illustration and comics with

ZUZU, LRNZ, DI sepia, SCARPA, Mazzetti, DOCTOR PIRA and many more

music with Lillo and Trolls, Franco Micalizzi & The Big Bubbling Band, Valley Swing Band theater with Pathological Theater

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