Constellations 2019

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Festival – Costellazioni 2019


Launch of the first edition of the Festival CONSTELLATION, the great theatrical event sponsored by the Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome CASSIOPEA. Seven reality (dai "big", veterans of international tours, the youngest and most aggressive inflorescences), each with his own vision and development of the theater, will offer to the public seven performances, over three weekends, from 12 al 27 October in the Major Hall of the Via Ardea 27, and a series of workshops and laboratory activities in the respective Sundays, in which the directors of the companies have agreed to share with the student actors and all concerned its working practices, creating a virtuous process of exchange and transmission of knowledge that becomes theatrical, so, common and collective.

The project has the ambition to transform the program of the Festival, composed plays have already won tenders, competitions, prizes and special mentions, a constellation of events and giving an overview of the contemporary theater scene, with the intention of returning it to the urban fabric and the city, in an exploratory and educational context.

A constellation is a perspective game. A set of celestial bodies which we give a name and a story. Should we travel within that space, as we would see that design is to form a whole that mixes, change, and moves. A moving scene. The Cassiopeia planet has attained the age of twenty-two, a very small time for physical interstellar. my who, on earth, it was a long journey that has seen intertwined around its orbit of projects embryos, dreams and individuality. People from all over Italy (and often from much further away) I have landed here, some pausing briefly, other putting down deep roots. Cassiopeia has been in recent years the laboratory and workshop in which vocational training was an opportunity to create new cultural and artistic relations, paths of innovation and theater research, dialogue between languages ​​and the emergence of new poetry. So we want to celebrate the theater and share this wealth of experience and plots, through the first edition of the Festival proposing CONSTELLATION, in an informal performance space - a theater-studio - representative works of Companies, groups and individual artists in Cassiopeia were formed or that in this place they set an important milestone (the first) of their artistic practice.

CONSTELLATION 2019 She wants to become a living space in the territory of the Municipality VII, where citizenship, especially the younger, can get in touch closely with the new theatrical languages ​​and watch the Italian cultural scene from a new perspective. Just like the viewer a constellation, each from their own perspective, It will present before them a vast panorama of reality, original and above all must-do.


ORFEO ED EURIDICE - Saturday 12 October 2019 ore 21

Production of Eco Fund, Company established in 2009 and founded by James and Julia Viana Ferraù. It produces prose shows for adults and children's theater; from 2017 also it faces the opera world. In the last few years, She has undertaken a poetic time to rework famous myths and fairy tales as metaphors for current issues ("The little Mermaid", "Orfeo ed Euridice", "Tom Thumb", "O.Z., History of emigration ", "Born Yesterday"), and won several awards.

Orpheus with the sheer force of his singing tries to snatch the bride Eurydice from the dead. The strength of myth and poetry are woven into this work with two controversial issues: aggressive treatment and euthanasia.

Without offering answers, the show asks the viewer on the strength and size of the feeling of love.

Written and directed by César Brie.

With James and Julia Viana Ferraù.

WORKSHOP CONDUCTED BY JAMES Ferraù 'E GIULIA VIANA * FROM MYTH TO SCENE * Starting Points for study on the use of the image > Sunday 13 October, ore 10.30-13.30.

ANTIGONE by Sophocles - Sunday 13 October 2019 ore 21

Elliot Theater Production, a group of young artists, early twenties, They have decided to combine their experience and their skills, to cultivate a common project: return texts, these, characters and archetypes no time to any type of public space and. The goal is to bring the theater where missing.

That Antigone is a timeless story, two thousand years ago but also today. The story of a girl who disobeys the laws if they are unjust, if you are opposed to personal and family values, if the pot is life and death. Two colors tell the story: black and white, and two extreme opposite positions. On the one hand the edict of Creon, city ​​laws, the power of the ruler. On the other hand the will of Antigone, the laws of family, the will of the gods. And many shades in between, who does not know or does not dare to take sides, of those who decide too late, who does not understand. A tale between the dark and light, between what happens in the silence of the night and what needs to be shouted and claimed. In which light is alive and surprising characters in their heroic deeds and reveals them in their thoughts.

Directed by Leonard White. Assistant director Ilaria Bisozzi.

With Federico Baldi, Leonardo Bianchi, Maria Campana, Octavia Door, David and Maria Chiara Logrieco Scicluna.

ONLY - Saturday 19 October 2019 ore 21

Ateliersi Production, art collective, which is part of the theater and the performing arts, dealing with artistic production and the Atelier care Yes: public space for cultural experimentation in the center of Bologna.

ALONE it is a show dedicated to the relationship between identity and working dimension playing with planes of reality, moving between the relational art of Maria Lai, the Living Theater's vision of Pirandello and the poetic realism of Kaurismaki.

ONLY reworks the intuition behind Think, Giacomino! and relates it to the materials collected during a process of interviews and meetings on the theme of work, but mainly engages in the story the experience of a real meeting that forever changed the look of the authors.

ALONE it is based on the need to bring to the extreme contradictions that emerge in the relationship between humans, projecting the concerns and Pirandello's ferocity in relational contemporary.

By and with: Fiorenza Menni and Andrea Mochi Sismondi. And with Margaret Kay Budillon. Music composed and performed live by Vincenzo Scorza.

WORKSHOP CONDUCTED BY FIORENZA MENNI AND ANDREA MOCHI SISMONDI * LIFE AHEAD OF YOU * The transfiguration of personal experience in writing for the theater - Sunday 20 October, ore 10.30-13.30.

ALWAYS Sunday - Sunday 20 October 2019 ore 21

Production Controcanto Collective - theater company of the Castelli Romani, born in 2010 by the will and urgency of director Clara Sancricca and a group of young actors. ALWAYS Sunday's winner In-Box 2017.

Also on Sunday it is a work at work. It is a work on time, energy and dreams that work daily eats, consume, subtracts. On stage six actors on six chairs, weaving together a web of stories, with openings of crossed existences. They are bustling lives in daily trials, lives that racked my brains and while you consume, that sometimes rebel yet then surrender, because in this carousel of motions and failures it is work to play the strongest melody, the ineluctable, the inevitable, the way it has always been and always will be.

Also on Sunday is a chorus of souls, a symphony of destiny. But it is - above all - a song of love for humans, just stay here for our quivering yet nailed, in the immobility of a condition that a tenacious ideology makes us believe to be not so much the best centuries, As the only - really? - can.

Conceived and directed by Clara Sancricca. With Federico Cianciaruso, Riccardo Fennel, Martina Giovanetti, Andrea Mammarella, Emanuele Pilonero, Giorgio Stefanori

LABORATORY OF CLARA Sancricca Condotta * ON THE TRAIL OF NEED * A possible collective writing process stage > Monday 21 October, ore 18.00-21.00

THE SKY IS GOING TO FALL - Saturday 26 October 2019 ore 21

Cassiopeia Theater Production-Testing in collaboration with Teatro del Carretto

The Trojan Women by Euripides become the excuse to tell the tragedy of war, without timing: "Where the naked humanity, stripped of divine consolation, He says in the misery of body and voice destruction ". It rings on the scene the pain of prisoners, broken only by evoked visions, flashes that sometimes illuminate, expanding it, the scenic horizon. And they will wail and cry and cry: always uncompromising sound and wild enclosed in the silence, that 'answer is only the roar of the sea.

Directed by Maria Grazia Cipriani. Assistant director Laura Nardinocchi.

With Sofia Abbati, Francesco Barra, Francesco Capalbo, Giulia Coma, Ariana Cutrone, Marta De Medici, Sara Giannelli, Eleni Assistance.

Memme BEVILATTE - Sunday 27 October 2019 ore 21

A story that must be told because it speaks of the courage of ordinary people, of people "right". Teresa was a tips of "righteous among the nations", Vivanti having saved his family from deportation to Nazi concentration camps, in 1943. To tell the facts, two members of the family Vivanti, in an incessant repetition of history, so that it can bring the memory to more people possible. A repeat, that of history, which happens every time someone is willing to listen. A repetition from which you can not ignore, something exhausting but necessary, as an invisible prison that forces them to retrace the past, leaving old grudges resurface, outstanding issues, disagreements and moments of reconciliation between them.

By and with Andrea Baldoffei.

ONCE UPON A TIME MIMI '- to follow

A music mix, dances and stories running through the life of one of the fathers of Italian songwriting: Domenico Modugno.

It is the story of a commoner from big dreams, thanks to his talent and determination, He succeeds in realizing his desire to become a successful artist despite the many difficulties. The journey starts from his first funny songs in Salento inspired by his beloved and never forgotten Puglia, that speak of the sea, Of sun, fishing, of miners, chicory, of tambourines, in love crickets, of Alarm clocks, the curly-haired women, then move on to the Neapolitan songs have become part of everyday life of all time as "Tu si na big thing , "A ccafè", "Resta with me", "I mammeta and you", "Lazzarella", up to the world hits in Italian as "Vecchio Frack", "Wonderful", "It is raining, "Remoteness", "In the blue painted blue".

Di Domenico and Santarella. Choreography Cora Gasparotti. Arrangements Miky Zucaro.