Carthago. The immortal myth

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Carthago The immortal myth


From 27 September 2019 al 29 March 2020 at Colosseo and the Roman Forum, an exhibition that brings together again Roma and Carthage. This time, But, no war and no threat of destruction, Roma It will pay tribute to the history of one of the most influential and fascinating cities in the ancient world.

Promoted by the Colosseum Archaeological Park, the exhibition looks like a fascinating journey through time powered by monumental spaces, that always evoke awe in the presence of the past.

The exhibition

over 400 vintage items present with no prior, from Italian museums and most prestigious foreign, as the National Bardo Museum in Tunis, the Archaeological Museum of Beirut in Lebanon and Archaeological Museum of Madrid and the Archaeological Museum of Cartagena in Spain. For an exhibition which presents itself as the largest dedicated to the myth of Carthage.

It is an engaging and exciting story of the city, founded by Queen Dido as legend has it, that in a comprehensive and complete enters the essence of history and Carthaginian civilizations. The chronology of events perfectly defining an attractive path that transports the visitor to the exciting discovery of one of the most important historical events of the ancient world. From Colosseo, al Temple of Romulus up to Ramp Imperial al Roman Forum, a fascinating exploration in places constantly enriched by new discoveries.

It begins with the founding of Carthage by the Phoenicians, that see immediately how important witness of the great trading empire, to get to the crucial period of the conflict with Rome for supremacy in the Mediterranean, its re-establishment as a new Colonia Julia Carthago Concordia, that becomes a flourishing province of Rome, and the term describing the gradual abandonment of the pagan religion in favor of the spread of Christianity, so the city dressed the role of further expansion center. The tour ends with the rediscovery of Carthage in relation modern and contemporary imagery.

Care and Publications

Besides the astonishing antiques, as the unpublished findings from the Egadi islands and magnificent specimens of polychrome mosaics, meet virtual and multimedia installations reconstructions. The Moloch, the terrifying deities cults coming from the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, whose reproduction is taken from the movie Cabiria, welcomes guests at the entrance, as explicit message also originality and innovative research in the treatment of exposure.

Role coated with an important participation of experts of the highest level from the director the Colosseum Archaeological Park Alfonsina Russo, flanked by Francesca Guarnieri, Paolo Xella and Jose Angel Zamora Lopez, in collaboration with Martina Almonte and Federica Rinaldi.

An opportunity not to be missed are the corollary to which two very interesting books published by Electa: a volume of studies on relations between Rome and Carthage, presenting numerous scientific contributions, and that stimulates the reader to a reflection on modern phenomena comparable, and a complete and accurate exposure guide designed to support effectively the visitor in the deepening of the various sections of the exhibition.

Info, Timetable and prices

Carthago. The immortal myth

From 27 September 2019 al 29 March 2020, Colosseum and the Roman Forum in Largo Salaria Vecchia 5/6

Schedule: From 27 al 30 September h 8.30-19, From 1 al 26 October h 8.30-18.30, From 27 October to 15 February h 8.30-17, From 16 February to 15 March h 8.30-17.30, From 16 al 29 March h 8.30-19.15

Closed 25 December and 1 January

Ticket: Adults € 14, Reduced € 2 for citizens of the European community 18-25 years

The ticket office closes one hour earlier

Info: Tel. 06 0699841,