Ballando on the road: looking for talent, the final stage in Rome

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Ballando on the road


A team of 20 thousand dancers, 5thousand performances, 200 hours of auditions: They are the impressive numbers of "Ballando on the road: looking for talent”, The record tour that has traveled thousands of kilometers across Italy, with a number of applications in the casting compared to last year literally doubled in each stage once again demonstrating the great success of touring talent Milly Carlucci.

On Saturday evening the Queen of Rai 1 It has confirmed that this year there are thousands of people ready to get on track with passion, talent and desire to be together through dance in all its forms.

Dancing on the road stops in Rome

The appointment for the final stage is the 14 e 15 December in what could be called the cultural heart of the Eternal City: the Auditorium Parco della Musica. This symbol of the capital is a real "culture factory" to quote the Master Plan, Roman and Italian excellence to be proud of where they live and the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia and the Fondazione Musica per Roma. Both institutions are partners of the tour "Dancing on the road" in the final leg of this amazing journey in search of new talent.

To the participants in the casting of the final stage, the bar is even higher, and for conquer the panel of experts will bring on track: Quality and innovation. The stakes are high to get four events broadcast on RAI 1, where they will be judged and selected by a jury of Carolyn Smith; Fabio Canino and Guillermo Mariotto. Eight of them will participate in the Tournament "Dancing with you" Live on Saturday night on the show dedicated to the most popular TV dance. But the opportunities of visibility and reserves the tour are many, like the one to be selected for the International Festival of Dance organized by Antonio Fini in New York and spend ten unforgettable days with the best teachers and dancers in the world. This year also, Milly Carlucci gives to these young dancers extraordinary opportunity, a dream, enrolling in the category PRO it will be evaluated to become one of the new Masters of Dancing with the Stars 2020.

A lot of the novelties of this edition seguitissima beginning of an important collaboration, who sees in every event the presence of Roberta Ammerman, known face of the National TGR bring in Italian homes: stories, stories and tidbits from backstage of this long journey to the talent search, but also to the discovery of our territory. "Dancing on the road" has started 2 November by the Puglia and crossing the boot from South to North tried talents in Altamura, Marcianise, Reggio Calabria, Milano, Rimini to conclude its journey in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

The meetings with the dance lovers will begin at 13.00 every Saturday and Sunday in program.

Milly Carlucci, The undisputed queen of dance on TV in each stage will be supported by the great masters of the dance, and a panel of experts led by the engaging and very severe Carolyn Smith. Among the participants master the final stage, From Rome, you will have the pleasure of meeting: Raimondo Todaro, Samuel Peron, Stefano Oradea, and the beautiful Anastasia Kuzmina.

How to register

Each candidate is allowed to subscribe to only one of the stages in the program and may choose to perform in one of two categories. category Pro: competitive athletes with a significant track record of national and international competitions and a consolidated teaching experience. Categoria Open: fans of the various disciplines of the dancing couple or group with or without agonistic curriculum. In order to participate in the event you need to carefully read the rules: on the official website of Dancing on the road ( and register by filling out the Form. Once registered, an e-mail you will receive confirmation to be printed (or store on your smartphone) and bring with it the day of the event.

But to stay connected with the tour, stage by stage, viewers will have available also the Facebook page ( or o Twitter (
For any technical problems during the registration process send an email: